AURORA Citrine and Gold ring

Product Description

Suspended stone ring, this striking design is set with a fiery citrine stone.


Citrine is known as the stone of prosperity, dissipates negative energy and cleanses auras.


Deer Ruby is an Australian jewellery and accessories label specialising in beautifully crafted and perfectly dainty jewellery.

Combining traditional ideas and constantly evolving designs, Deer Ruby presents diverse collections with far reaching references gathered from designer Jodie Weerts’ ongoing global travels. Urban landscapes of LA, London, New York and Tokyo inform the bold shapes that are delivered in distinctively hardwearing metals and angular forms. Sleek architectural shapes and wire rings mirror a stark urban environment, offset with more feminine and natural elements within each range.

- Gemstones: Citrine
- Materials: Gold plated

$26.99 AUD $44.99 AUD

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